Artwork details

Installation (Banana Peel)
Variable dimensions
Adriana Lara

Adriana Lara’s projects are often based on ideas regarding artistic production and originality. Her works are concerned with various degrees of collaboration are inherent in all artistic creation. The ideas about collaboration and originality appears in the work Installation (Banana Peel). This is not an “everlasting” art object, but rather a piece that is produced by a museum employee. Each morning a museum employee is instructed to eat a banana and discard the peel somewhere in the exhibition space. As part of the conceptual work, there is a museum host always nearby to protect it. By doing so, the museum staff is involved in both the production of the artwork and its meaning. The artwork itself serves as an intervention in the dignified, institutional museum room.

Lara's work could be considered as an ironic comment on art production, and may appear as provocative and teasing for some viewers. It represents a staged situation, which makes the viewer uncertain - is it a work of art or simply a discarded banana peel? The work emphasizes one main idea in Lara's productions, namely the artworks subjective power; how a work of art can be everything and nothing, depending on the structures of language, definition and context.

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