Artwork details

Handwoven wool, nylon and jersey
210 x 182 cm
Ann Cathrin November Høibo

Ann Cathrin November Høibo’s artistic projects are diverse, ranging from installations and site-specific works to large abstract paintings and weavings. She often uses traditional techniques that hold references to both high culture and low culture, and she draws inspiration from traditions developed by feminist artists and avant-garde movements.

For Høibo, it is the materials themselves that incite her interest, and her works function autonomously, but also as elements in larger compositions. Her materials are found objects from various sources, such as the street, stores and Internet. This can be seen in the work called Untitled (Documentation Is Everything # 07) which displays two pair of shoes and their photo documentation, or the shells on the wall found in the work in Untitled (ABMB Sea Shells).

In her textile works, Høibo explores the many possibilities of surfaces and textures. She uses an intuitive approach when combining mass-produced objects with handicraft. In this exhibition, we present the woven work Untitled. The choice of colors in this work brings to mind the artists Hannah Ryggen (who lived between 1894 and 1970).She was one of Norway’s foremost weaving artists, and is one of Høibo’s greatest sources of inspiration.

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