Artwork details

Wish You Were Here
Postcard holder
179 x 41,5 cm
Ceal Floyer

In the work Wish You Were Here, we see an empty postcard display-stand positioned against a white wall. The title refers to a sentence people often write on the back of postcards. At the same time, the display-stand underscores the concepts of loss and longing, as does the title, through its lacking content and cold, empty racks ready to be filled.

This artwork can be seen as a readymade, in the sense that the postcard stand is an industrially mass-produced object, which Floyer has brought into the exhibitions space as a sculpture. But by giving it a new name, and by the fact that both the object and the title reinforce each other, Floyer imbues the work with additional meaning and a symbolic undertone.

Address: Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo

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