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4 artists found for 'G'

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

b. 1957 - d. 1996

The conceptual works of American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres challenge the emphasis on materiality in traditional definitions of art. Gonzales-Torres' works exist as fleeting interactions between the work and the viewer, and are an extension of the aesthetic of the 1960s, when happenings and conceptual art favoured the artistic idea rather than the aesthetic object. ...


Hannah Greely

b. 1979

Hannah Greely is from Texas, but lives and works in Los Angeles. Viewed from a distance, Greely's works might be mistaken for everyday items or, in an artistic context, readymades. On closer inspection they reveal themselves to be sculptures that have been painstakingly crafted in a wide variety of materials, including plastiline, papier mâché, moulded plastic, coconut fibre, painted resin, and bronze. ...


Gilbert & George

The artist duo Gilbert & George is made up of Italian-born Gilbert Proesch (b. 1943) and British George Passmore (b. 1942). They live and work together in London and have made their mark on the international art scene for over 40 years. Together they create large formatted photo-based works in a graphic style with bright colors, as well as paintings, collages, performances and video works. Gilbert & George do not separate life and art and can often be seen in their own works, which depict a wide range of human experiences such as religion, sexuality, identity, urban life, terrorism, superstition, AIDS, old age and death....


Robert Gober

b. 1954

Robert Gober introduced his very personal take on Appropriation art in the 1980s and 90s. Familiar objects from the home environment such as a crib, a sink, a drain, or a stack of newspapers create the initial impression of ready-mades, but all are handmade by the artist. The works are strongly infused with his memories, but they also trigger emotions that are common to us all, such as discomfort, doubt and suffering. Existing in dialogue with the things we consider ‘normal’, Gober’s works investigate his sense of ‘otherness’ as a gay man. The transfigured objects tell their stories on several different levels, presenting intricate and mystifying narratives concerned with childhood, sexuality, religion, discrimination and memory. On closer inspection they take on a symbolic character, onto which the viewer’s experiences and unconscious desires can be projected. ...


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