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3 artists found for 'L'

Nate Lowman

b. 1979

Nate Lowman moves within the American art world, and consumer and media society more generally, continuously rearranging the visual signifiers he encounters. He gathers the raw materials for his art from the news, popular media and art history and reconditions them through his own reading, thoughts and feelings....


Ann Lislegaard

b. 1962

Ann Lislegaard is a post-conceptual artist working in spatial installations, 3-D animation, and architectonic interventions. Her art is typified by a fascination with how we experience and orientate ourselves in space and time, both mentally and physically. She often uses fragmentary and mixed narratives in order to challenge our cognitive and sensory abilities....


Liu Wei

b. 1972

Liu Wei’s artistic practice is characterised by its impressive scope. Working extensively with video, installation, drawing, sculpture and painting, the overriding concern is with questions of identity in today’s culture of globalisation. Taking up concepts such as affluence, corruption and aggression, his works are undertones of what he perceives to be a ‘mad world’. Yet despite this unifying theme, it is hard to detect any clear stylistic tendencies amongst his productions. ...


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