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3 artists found for 'R'

Charles Ray

b. 1953

Charles Ray’s art can neither be systematized into pre-existing historical categories nor framed in relation to specific artistic groups or movements. But he is no outsider. Over the last thirty years, he has emerged as one of the art world’s most unique figures....


Torbjørn Rødland

b. 1970 in Hafrsfjord

Norwegian artist Torbjørn Rødland has in later years lived and worked in Oslo, New York, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Among contemporary Norwegian artists, Rødland is one of the biggest names internationally. His chosen media are photography and video, and he has worked with everything from still life, landscape, and nude portraits to double-exposure and abstract photography....


Matthew Ronay

b. 1976

Matthew Ronay was born in Kentucky and lives and works in New York. In the early 2000s he gained recognition for his sculptural objects with a stylistic language borrowed from the worlds of toys and comic strips. ...


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