Børre Sæthre - My Private Sky

31.03.2001 – 26.08.2001
Astrup Fearnley Museet (at Dronningensgate 4)

In April, May and June a number of the museum's galleries will be filled with Børre Sæthre's elegant and surprising installations. Both internationally and here at home the young Sæthre has already made a name for himself as a creator of total environments that are psychologically disquieting and at the same time aesthetically extremely well designed and stylistically carried out. Environments that set in motion reactions and reflections.

Sæthre utilizes both living persons and stuffed animals, furniture and lighting, music and video recordings, living plants and motorized walls. His works have been shown in a hotel room and in an air terminal, in Kunstnernes Hus and in Galleri Wang. In Helsinki, in Basel, in Vienna and in New York.Catchwords for Sæthre's new rooms are "Pan Am lounge with music", "stuffed white horse lies in a frozen gallop on the floor", "stillness filled with real snowflakes", "claustrophobia". - In other words, anything can happen in Børre Sæthre's rooms. If the limitation lies only in Sæthre's imagination and in his ability to find striking solutions, then we can assume that there are no limits...

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