Børre Larsen - Comments

08.11.2002 – 29.12.2002
Astrup Fearnley Museet (at Dronningensgate 4)

In the course of the last decade, Børre Larsen (b.1952) has created a considerable number of small sculptures that play on the connection between language, object and reality. Misprints and function obstacles open new aspects of the world - his objects affect the viewer with the suddenness of surprise; they reveal themselves with clarity and the speed of lightning, and arouse both laughter and astonishment.

The exhibition presents curious utility objects that have mutinied against being useful.We recognize the legacy from Duchamp, as well as kindred characteristics from Dada, Surrealism and Fluxus.

Thursday,  Nov. 14 at 6 pm Special guided tour of the exhibition "Børre Larsen" by Grete Årbu, museum assistant

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