Torsdagsforedrag: NoPlace

Formidlingsrommet i Bygning 2: Samlingen
NoPlace er et av Oslos kunstnerdrevne visningsrom og ble startet i 2011 av kunstnerne, Petter Buhagen, Kristian Skylstad, Karen Nikgol, Hans Christian Skovholt og Stian W. Gabrielsen. Kunstnerne kommer selv og presenterer NoPlaces profil, samt viser eksempler fra tidligere utstillingsaktivitet.

NoPlace har en hyppig utstillingsaktivitet med ukentlige åpninger av nye utstillinger av både internasjonale og norske kunstnere. Galleriet har også presentert flere tematiske gruppeutstillinger som Wordperfect 1 og 2 med tekstbaserte verk av blant annet Matias Faldbakken og Bjarne Melgaard.

Tekst fra galleriet:
We consider art to be depressed. This is not to be understood as us saying that artists as a social species are clinically depressed. The depression we're talking about here has nothing to do with clinical depression, or with a personalized depression as in the case of the individual artist, who may or may not be depressed (or just melancholic as he or she would probably prefer to call it); in fleeting or permanent. When we say that art is depressed, we mean systemically depressed. Art (contemporary art) seem incapable of offering up any consistent wholesale identity to recognize it by. It lacks a clear sense of self, because this self, as it once saw itself, has been the target of so much scrutiny and critique and ridicule over the past hundred and fifty or so years that anyone with a shred of self-awareness wants badly to dissociate form the whole notion of art as it now stands, even if he or she is an artist for all apparent purposes. And as a result of this collective dissociation from the term art, its conceptual wholeness has begun to wither. When we look at art now we see only a set of loosely connected esthetic practices. These individual practices might share some imagined historical precedense and perform similar functions in the marketplace, but they do not share a vision of a whole that transcend their individual trajectories. They are disjointed and secluded, wholly immersed in their eclectic worlds.

This lack of center is a sign that a form of depression has taken hold. There is no law or convention issuing from an authority agreed upon, so there are no parametres available to help the gate keepers keep what is outside and other to art out. So the outside seeps inside, constantly, and the inside is all: «We're not art!» «There is no art world!» «We're just individuals doing our shit!» «We don't even talk to each other!». And slowly the whole thing just falls apart

NoPlace considers itself very much a symptom of this tendency towards an unravelling of art's specificity. We don't do anything to move it forward, or speed it up; we're not visionaries or rebels; we just program with this hermeneutic challenge in mind.

Arrangementet er gratis og åpent for alle, velkommen!

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