Dennis Cooper (f. 1953, Pasadena, California, USA)

Skrevet av Dennis Cooper

Ugly Man, 2009

When I was eighteen, I was hanging out with my boyfriend Julian in Hollywood one afternoon while he worked as a street hustler. He was off turning a trick and I was talking to one of the other hustlers when this young hustler Julian and I knew pretty well, and with whom we’d had a three-way a couple of weeks previous, staggered up the sidewalk. We just thought he was really high so we started laughing and yelling jokey things at him, but when he got close to us he fell down and didn’t move. We went over to him, and only realized then that he’d been stabbed numerous times in the back and was dead. We ran away in horror, and I later found out from another hustler that his body had lain there on the sidewalk for over three hours before anyone cared enough to call the police.
(in THE WORST (1960—1971)


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